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SecuriCharge : EV 1 Way 3 phase Type 2 lock away socket token/coin


EV: SecuriCharge inc; token/coin is a heavy duty, vandal resistant yet discrete wall mounted charging unit, designed specifically for public and exposed locations. This versatile unit charges via its IEC 62196 (type 2) mode 3 ( 3 phase) charging socket, which are securely locked away when not in use, however are activated once a token or coin is inserted, the charger then activates for a chosen timed period, then de-activates once time period is over.

This would be a low cost solution to offering PAYG (pay as you go) charging stations. Ideal locations include hotels, car parks, offices, factories, warehouses, restaurants, stadiums, leisure centres, retail premises, lease/hire companies.

  • Heavy duty discrete wall mounted charging unit
  • Available in black or grey (other colours available)
  • Secure lock-away charging socket (magnetic locks)
  • 16amp 3 phase type 2 mode 3 charging (11KW)
  • Key-switch control as standard for programming and rest
  • Built-in overload and fault current protection
  • Built in LED status indicator
  • Built in token/ coin mechanism
  • Built in token/coin tray
  • Built in time screen (to count down hours / minutes left on charging cycle)


  • Manufactured in heavy duty, vandal resistant Zintec
  • Standard powder-coated colours are black or grey
  • Manufactured to IP54 weatherproof rating
  • Designed to be permanently located and used outdoors
  • Easy to install/easy to maintain
  • Wall unit size (key-switch) 50 cm x 20 cm x 12.5 cm
  • Manufactured in compliance with BS7671 wiring regulations
  • Compliant with IET EV regulations
  • Corrosion resistant/UV stabilised
  • Operating temperature -30c to + 50c Performance
  • Accept UK (GBP coins) European currency (Euro)
  • Accept tokens
  • Built-in coin accumulator
  • Charge time tariff programmer (using time availability screen)


  • 1 way type 2 IEC 62196
  • 16 amp threephase charging (11kw)
  • Each socket comes complete with security hatch-lock
  • Each socket comes complete with an LED status indicator
  • Each socket is mode 3 IEC 61851-1 communication compliant
  • Each socket is overload and DC sensitive fault current protected
  • Socket is magnetically locked away when not in use
  • Token / coin mechanism
  • Timer screen


  • Available in two-tone colouring (grey on grey)
  • Corporate branding available for an additional cost and upon request
  • tokens available (in bags of 100)

-Data Sheet PDF


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