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EV Charging Cables

Discover our collection of electric vehicle (EV) charging cables, designed to meet the many needs of EV drivers across the UK and Europe. Ensuring high-quality made products for seamless compatibility, charging convenience and 10,000 charge cycles.

Find the ideal cable for your EV from our collection and experience in providing hassle-free charging. While enjoying a 2-year warranty on all cables, backed by our team of dedicated customer success managers. Shop with us today and gear up your EV readiness.

TYPE 1 CABLES: Our Type 1 cables support your car’s 16amp capability, with AC fast 3.6kW charging, offering a reliable charge for at home or on-the-go charging.

TYPE 2 CABLES: Tailored for a wide variety of EVs, our Type 2 cables offer reliable compatibility with many different charge points.

MODE 2 CHARGING CABLES: Portable Mode 2 charging cables, equipped with 13 amp 3-pin UK plugs, often nicknamed 'granny cables' or 'trickle chargers', come equipped with an internal Mode 3 controller, offering charging options for both Type 1 and Type 2 vehicles. Suitable for at home or on-the-go charging.

EUROPEAN CHARGING CABLES: Portable Mode 2 cables, equipped with Schuko or Commando sockets are designed specifically for European use. These chargers, known for their 'slow trickle' capabilities, are an ideal fit for home charging.

ADAPTERS: Enhance compatibility and expand your charging options with conversion adapters. Handy for drivers who need to charge their vehicles with a different Type or switch between different EV or PHEV models.

Call EV OneStop for advice and recommendations on the right EV charging cable for you, our experts are here to help: 01205 725 867.


  • EV Charging Cables

    Explore our UK & EU EV charging cables. Quality, compatibility, 10,000 cycles assured. Find your ideal cable stress-free, with a 2-year warranty and expert support.

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