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Discover our comprehensive range of AC and DC electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

We are dedicated to meeting your EV charging needs with convenience and reliability. Our extensive collection offers a wide variety of charge points designed to cater to different EV models and charging speeds.

Our fast home charging and rapid on-the-go charging units are compatible with all EVs & PHEVs on the market. Choose from a range of connector types including Type 1, Type 2, CCS or CHAdeMO connectors.

We prioritise safety and user-friendliness and efficiency, with options suitable for installation at home, workplaces, commercial, or public areas. Our chargepoints come equipped with smart functionalities in accordance with the UK Government Smart Regulations, allowing for remote monitoring, scheduled charging, and seamless integration with Solar energy sources, and much more.

Upgrade your EV charging experience today. Explore now and find the perfect solution to keep your EV powered efficiently while maximising convenience.

Call EV OneStop for advice and recommendations on the right EV chargepoint for you, our experts are here to help: 01205 725 867.
  • EV Charging Cables

    Explore our UK & EU EV charging cables. Quality, compatibility, 10,000 cycles assured. Find your ideal cable stress-free, with a 2-year warranty and expert support.

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  • EV OneStop Home Chargers

    Home EV Chargers

    Looking for a dedicated home charger? Explore our affordable units, compatible with all EVs and PHEVs on the road. Stylish, safe, and fully compliant with the latest UK smart regulations.

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  • EV OneStop Commercial EV Chargers

    Commercial EV Chargers

    Ready your business for tomorrow's needs with our scalable EV chargers, ranging from 7.4kW to 160kW. Meeting safety standards, OZEV approval, and favoured by top installers.

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