Introducing the QUBEV Smart; Making Smart Charging More Affordable

Introducing the QUBEV Smart; Making Smart Charging More Affordable

EV One Stop, specialists in electric vehicle product e-commerce innovation introduce the QUBEV Smart. New to the EV market this spring. The younger sibling to their popular QUBEV charging solution, the QUBEV Smart hosts an electrifying array of new features. It has been designed in line with the UK government’s Part S regulations and is suitable for any home builder or developer looking to make EV charging a staple.

EV OneStop remains committed to a programme of continuous development, investment, and innovation and we can see just that in the QUBEV Smart. Hosting up to 22kW of charging output with dynamic load balancing and Mode 3 charge protocol.  Packed with the latest safety features including security logs and alerts, all encapsulated in an IP54 weatherproof rated enclosure, compactly designed to provide users with a modern and sleek EV charging solution.

One of EV OneStop’s most cost-effective, Smart solutions, the QUBEV Smart is also paired with a new Smart Wi-Fi app. Which allows you to schedule charging for when rates are lowest, saving the user money as well as reducing the strain on the grid. As well as an in-built LED charging status indicator and universal untethered charging socket (tethered model also available).

Lee Orrey at EV OneStop, had this to say:

“Since the release of the QUBEV in 2019, we have experienced an unbelievable amount of interest. Electric vehicle uptake is on the rise and the need for a cost-effective, yet reliable home charging solution is something that had been seriously lacking in the market at the time.

4 years later and the need for affordable and reliable Smart EV charging is upon us. As a company already supplying the most cost-effective home charging solution in the UK, we felt that the responsibility for providing that product was ours. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a solution, we feel, will prove ideal for home builders or developers and any client looking for a cost-effective solution to their EV charging needs.”

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