Smart Developments Require QUBEV Smart Solutions

Smart Developments Require QUBEV Smart Solutions

Residential EV infrastructure has been a huge conversation point the last few years. And the Government’s Part S regulations have only worked to further cement this concept. Making it compulsory for all new build properties (with off-street parking) to provide an EV charge point for future residents. As well as introducing a set of minimum standards for all new charge points. The aim, of course, being to make EVs more accessible and create infrastructure to support the switch to fully electric by 2030.

Since the launch of our QUBEV domestic EV charging unit in 2019, the technology behind electric vehicle chargers has only continued to advance. With new developments being introduced left, right and centre. In this spirit of innovation, we’ve been working behind the scenes to cintroduce our new, upgraded, home-charging solution: The QUBEV Smart. Now with even more power, better functionality, and solar compatibility (app dependent), with the same focus on affordability and compact design.

The UK Government’s introduction of Part S regulations for EV charging infrastructure means a sleek, modern, and fully compliant charging solution was sorely needed within the industry. The QUBEV Smart includes all of the features our customers loved from the QUBEV, including a universal charging socket, built-in LED charging indicator and adjustable charging rating. As well as a host of new additions. Need charge in a pinch? The QUBEV Smart’s power output has now been expanded to include both a 7.4kW and a huge 22kW offering (available as both tethered and untethered models). Giving you access to even more power at your fingertips.

Unique to the QUBEV Smart is our free Smart Wi-Fi app. Opening up a range of opportunities for you to engage with your EV charger. Such as, scheduling charges to power up your vehicle during off-peak hours (utilising the most cost-effective tariffs), viewing your charging status and monitoring your unit's electricity usage. As well as a whole host of other charge-management features. All in one easy-to-use, responsive app. The QUBEV Smart is also compatible with all PEVs and EVs on the market currently, so charging can be as simple as plug and go.

We wanted the QUBEV Smart to be as accessible as possible, as such, it is also fully OCPP 1.6 compliant via ethernet connection. So it can be used with which ever compatible back-office software best suits your needs (such as Rolec’s VendElectric and other trusted third-party partners like Monta). And we haven’t just thought about software, QUBEV Smart’s dynamic load balancing feature enables the unit with the technology to balance electrical usage and protect your property’s fuse, without disrupting your electrical supply.

This unit has been created and installed in compliance with regulations highlighted in BS EN IEC 61851-1 as well as the latest UK Smart Charge Points Regulations, including security logs and alerts. Encased in an IP54 weatherproof rated, durable ABS and Polycarbonate enclosure, withstanding temperatures of as low as -25 degrees Celsius and up to a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius. Making it the optimal choice for housing developers looking to fulfil government requirements for an electric vehicle charge point that will be both durable and affordable. As well as being easy to install and maintain thanks to our incredible team of partnered installers and knowledgeable technical team.

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